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  • Everything You Need to Know About Pine Flooring - Wood Finishes

    11 Sep 2015 Of all the types of flooring available, wood is still the most popular. And oak floorboards are gorgeous as well as fashionable. But pine wood flooring is another strong contender in the beauty stakes, a soft wood that's been 

  • Pine Wood Flooring 每 The Best in Business - TheFlooringlady

    pine is a softer wood than the popular hardwoods used on most floors today (like oak), meaning it shows wear and tear sooner . Your finish options are the same as with other hardwood floors, include polyurethane, stain, tung oil, or varnish, 

  • 4 Tips for Refinishing Pine Flooring

    9 Jul 2017 If you choose varnish instead of polyurethane to finish your floor, you will want to make sure that you select a varnish or finish that has hardening agents added to it to give additional durability to the pine wood. This will not 

  • How to Make Pine Floors More Dent-Resistant Home Guides SF

    If your pine floor already has a coat of finish, you don't necessarily have to sand it off to reinforce the wood. You can do a screen and recoat by sanding the finish with a 120-grit sanding screen attached to a buffer and applying new finish over 

  • best finish for pine floor? (finishes forum at permies)

    We are close to finishing the tongue and groove pine floor in our living room and are starting to think about the living room over the winter so am always dripping a little water or dirt.and that is where our wood heat is so the 

  • flooring - How do I finish a pine wood floor so that it can be waxed

    2 Aug 2013 A trip to the hire shop is in order. One floor sander and an edge sander. A selection of medium and fine grit belts-the hire shop will probably credit you for unused materials. Get all the windows open and wipe the floor over 

  • How to finish your wooden floor - wood floor finishes with Finneys

    Everyone likes the beauty of a real wood floor - create a wooden floor finish to be proud of! pine should be sanded to 120 grit; Make sure that the scratches from a coarser paper are removed fully by finer grades; Vacuum the floor, then wipe 

  • Choosing floor finishes that protect indoor air quality Green Home

    In North America, polyurethane varnish is used almost exclusively as a wood floor finish, but floor oils are gaining in popularity. There are a lot of find a healthier wood finish. A wood floor will need to be sealed and protected but many products have a detrimental effect on air quality. Damaged pine floor. Varnished pine 

  • Tung Oil Finish on Pine Floors P. Allen Smith Classics - YouTube

    16 Dec 2011 Tung Oil Finish on pine Floors P. Allen Smith Classics In a construction update, Allen talks about the tung oil finish on the Southern pine floors throughout the . I am about to lay a new hardwood floor of Red Ironbark.

  • Let me talk you out of staining your floor Wood Floor Techniques 101

    wood flooring professionals tend to assume that everyone knows that stain is quite different from finish (varnish is one class of Floors made of maple, birch, and coniferous woods (especially pine or fir) are all very difficult to stain evenly.

  • Pine Flooring Before Sanding and Finish - YouTube

    25 Oct 2016 Here's a tour and detailed look at the floors in the house my wife and I are And the wood we sand the most here is and Peroba, and in 6 years on the business I've never done a pine or 

  • sanding and oiling a wooden pine floor dust free - YouTube

    7 Dec 2008 In the context of re-finishing wood floors, what is meant by "resin" and also "oil"? Surely you don't mean "motor oil" for instance. Can you supply a brand name for the oil and the resin? I think most persons watching this (self 

  • How to Stain Pine Floor Boards Home Guides SF Gate

    For this reason, use a wood conditioner before you stain the flooring. The wood conditioner fills the pores and provides a more even coverage of stain. Then use a water-based polyurethane sealer to seal the wood. A satin-finish sealer is best, 

  • How To Finish A Soft Wood Pine Floor Using Satin Polyurethane

    HELP! I have an Antique Heartwood pine Floor. It has recently been sanded 3 times, let me explain. . This was an insurance job and they are as frustrated as I am. Wondering if you do consulting to help solve this problem. just 

  • How we finished our yellow pine floors (without poly

    26 May 2016 Our yellow pine floors (from Lumber Liquidators) are officially finished and cured, and I am fairly certain I'm in love with them. Installing and finishing hardwood floors ourselves is definitely not the easiest or quickest option 

  • Refinishing floors, old pine, what poly to use??? help! : Hardwood

    (Some of the treads are separating from the stringer). We are going back and forth on what type of poly finish to use for old pine floors. At first, our flooring guy recommended oil based poly but we asked if it was ok to use water 

  • How to Distress Pine Flooring - Extreme How To

    4 Apr 2011 Not only does a distressed pine floor look beautifully old-fashioned, it's an easy wood to work and is comparatively affordable for solid wood flooring. When planed smooth, it requires little sanding before finishing, which is a 

  • How to Refinish Wood Floors Today's Homeowner

    Nowhere is the charm of an older home more apparent than in the rich look of heart pine floors. It would be best to stain and finish your floors as soon as possible to protect the wood from damage from the sun, warping due to changes in 

  • Lacquered Or Oiled Wood Flooring? Here's How To Choose - Wood

    5 Dec 2014 One of the features of wood flooring that people often leave unconsidered until just before ordering is the finish they'll choose for their new floor. While it is possible to leave this decision pretty much to the last minute, it's well 

  • How to Finish a Floor with Pure Tung Oil - Best Tung Oil Help

    11 Aug 2017 This finishing technique can be used in many applications such as wood floors, decks, docks, concrete floors, outdoor wood furniture, wood counter tops and many other porous surfaces. Hundreds of people have used this 

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