how to cool houses with a decked roof in nigeria


    15 apr 2015 Building a house can range from the simple like a hutshelter with leaves or animal skin to the multi-storey place with dozens of Do not forget the recurring and ever present Omonile spectacle, this is nigeria they are expected and known to come at . Once the entire roof is erected with all that needs to be in it from the rafters, fascia boards, gable ends, to the decking of the rafters with 

  • 3BEDROOM BUNGALOW FOR N3M!!! a step-by-step guide

    8 Sep 2015 Mr. a may also want you to put a slab or decking over his house instead of roofing because he intends to develop later. however, here we will be focusing on building a three bedroom bungalow with roofing and on a stable 

  • Flat Roof Design Vs. Pitched Roof - Properties - Nigeria

    Hello pro builders in the house. I will be starting my building project soon and I have been thinking about roof designs. Personally, I like the feel of flat roofs. But I had lived in a house that leaked heavily (just decking, no roofs).

  • Steps In Building A House - Properties - Nigeria - Nairaland Forum

    5 Decking, if it is a storey building 6 roofing 7 Electrical wiring 8 Ceiling 9 Plastering 10 Flooring 11 Plumbing 12 Soak away, Borehole etc. 13 Painting Let builders/ contractors or those with better info contribute. Re: Steps in 

  • These Are Stages Involved In Building A House - Properties - Nigeria

    at least two or more layers of blocks are laid on the lintel after this the building is ready for roofing. . Knowing a process of building a house is different from knowing the technicalities behind the process. Decking loading.

  • Cost Of Building A House In Nigeria - Properties (19) - Nigeria

    pls help me with cost of decking my house attached here is the architectural design. it has 23pillars . bungalow with raft foundation and simple finishing,PVC ceiling,alluminium flat roof,sliding alu windows,normal floor tile,two 

  • Cost Of Building A House In Nigeria - Properties (15) - Nigeria

    I heard some people mix 10mm rod and 12 mm rods in making the Iron mesh for decking. troubles with my housei finished building containing a 4 bedroom flat and + room and parlour 2i just finished roofing and i actually 

  • How Come All Nigerian Houses Have Rooftops Made Of Aluminium

    Therefore, how come 90 percent of all nigerian houses even duplex have roofs made of timber and aluminium. Why can't the top be sealed off High cost of decking the roof compared to aluminium. 2. Concrete will generate 

  • How To Build a House ToLet Insider -

    24 apr 2017 Before you can start to build a house, you must have acquired your land, pay all necessary dues that may aLSO REaD: Cost of Building Materials in nigeria Materials for exterior walls and roof, the type of wood to be used for all wood jobs, type of paint to be used for both If it's more than a storey you wish to construct at this stage you do another decking (slab or thick concrete).

  • Beautiful House Designs in Nigeria ToLet Insider -

    13 apr 2017 Being the 'Giant of africa', it is becoming a common trend to sight beautiful modern house designs in nigeria. in other words, it is a house with two apartments with two independent entrances. a large folding glass that opens onto a large deck with pool is a fantastic design for a modern beach house.

  • How to build your dream bungalow earning little ToLet Insider

    27 Jan 2017 This article will analyse the various processes of building a house in nigeria and suggest affordable ways of owning a IT IS COMMON to SEE PEOPLE CONTinUE THE BUILDinG to LinTEL OR roof LEVEL withOUT a 

  • Two Floor Houses With 3rd Floor Serving As A Roof Deck, Flat 4

    Flat 4 Bedroom House Plans, home plans for bungalows in nigeria? properties (4) nigeria. Two Floor houses with 3rd Floor Serving as a roof Deck. /

  • Environmental impacts of bamboo as a substitute constructional

    Bamboo use in construction is not new; it has been regularly utilized for building mud houses and small huts in villages for It has been utilized for flooring, walls, roofing, concrete reinforcement, and scaffolding, is light in weight and easily transported. in the construction sector of nigeria, wood and steel have been the major materials used in the production. in the constructional aspect, bamboo is used as a building material for decoration and as a structural member of a house.

  • 21 Things You Experience When You Build Your House In Nigeria

    25 Jan 2017 21 Things You Experience When You Build Your House in nigeria 每 Part 2 the wood planks which you used for foundation formwork and had been planning to reuse for decking gets missing-in-action. He had just gotten to the roofing stage when he received quotations from his builder that the roofing will cost close to N1.5 Million. When you know how much it costs to build a house and how insignificant yearly rents are in comparison to the total cost except in 

  • Decking And Roofing Jobs - Properties - Nigeria - Nairaland Forum

    Greetings! Can someone in the house give me a professional advice as regards decking and roofing? I am about to perform a 28m by 13m, 150mm thick decking in ajah. I have two sets of numbers. I want to be informed.

  • Roofing Vs Decking - Properties - Nigeria - Nairaland Forum

    I am caught in the middle of a decision whether to roof a 3 bedroom flat of dimension: 40 x 45 sq feet or deck it for to have a storey building later as designed originally. I will appreciate if the costs of each option is broken down 

  • Roof Contractor - Lagos Nigeria real estate advisor

    roof contractor lagos nigeria africa. You may not The fourth - concrete roofing or decking - is different because it involves concrete work. Concrete roofing is often done when you intend to add another floor to the basic ground floor of a house.

  • Two Bedroom Home Plans and Houses at 2BR Floor

    Whether you're starting a family or just need a guest room, a 2BR home is a great choice. You're sure to find a 2 bedroom house design that's right for you in our collection of two bedroom houses and home plans.

  • Roof Design Ideas - Get Inspired by photos of Roofs from Australian

    roof Designs. Browse roof styles and save your favourite pictures to your inspiration board. Showing 1 - 80 of 174. View: Large · Medium · Small · roof Designs by Bristile roof Designs by M T DEaN HOMES edit. by M T DEaN HOMES.

  • Home Plans For Bungalows In Nigeria Properties 4 Nairaland

    a 6 Bedroom House at Maitama in abuja, Federal Capital Territory top Most Expensive Property Locations in nigeria to own a Modern house design comes in every family's dream nowadays and everybody wants to have a house of their own The Chic Technique: Hamptons style decor - need to have a porch/deck like this someday . love these stone chimneys and dark cladding and pitched roof.

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