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  • 4 Cool Floors to Help You Cool Down This Summer - BuildDirect

    8 Jun 2016 However, cranking the air conditioner isn't the only way to stay cool in the summer months 〞 the key to lowering outdoor tile. Your indoor spaces aren't the only ones that can benefit from cool flooring materials. Pavers made from natural stone embedded with fossilized shells and coral can have a surface temperature as low as 94 degrees Fahrenheit on a 90-degree day in full sun.

  • Non-slip patio flooring for full sun, hot climate - Houzz

    8 Aug 2014 Does a material exist that is non-slip AND stays cool enough to walk on in bare feet? I live in a Crunch the facts on gravel, flagstone, brick, tile and more with our mini guide to outdoor flooring surfaces. Full Story 52.

  • Landscape Paving 101: Travertine Keeps Its Cool in Warm Climates

    25 Aug 2015 Travertine stays cool to the touch even in the hottest weather, which makes it feel great on bare feet. Contemporary Shown: Square travertine pavers in a gray-tan tone create a patio around a rectilinear water feature. Contemporary Travertine pavers for outdoor use are a standard 1?-inch thickness, but they also come in a 2-inch thickness. Travertine is very low-maintenance when used in full sunlight and requires only a light pressure washing every few years.

  • Deck Flooring Patio Interlocking Tiles Pool Weather Resistant Non-slip

    flooring for Deck, Pool or Patio, weather resistant, non-slip, stain resistant material. No need for painting, The tile surface stays cool, making comfortable to walk on, lay on and play on, even in the sun's heat. Safe: Non-Slip, Sliver free 

  • Beat The Summer Heat With Natural Stone Outdoor Tiles Eco

    30 Jul 2013 Beat The Summer Heat With Natural Stone outdoor tiles Natural stone tiles perfect for outdoor settings don't absorb heat as much as many other materials, particularly from the air (they will warm up if in direct sunlight). Slate floor tiles are water-resistant, anti-slip, and also remain very cool underfoot.

  • Outdoor Tiles The Tile Home Guide

    While this not a concern when adding tile on the wall it's extremely important when choosing outdoor floor tile. Moisture and Their light color actually reflects sunlight and help to keep them cool even during very hot weather. Needless to say 

  • Top 7 Ways to Keep your Rabbits Cool in Summer - The Cape Coop

    14 Jul 2016 Rabbits can die from heat stroke, so it is important to help your rabbit stay cool in the summer. using awnings, sun umbrellas or shade sails to help keep your bunnies out of direct sunlight, especially strong southern exposure or afternoon sun. Having an air conditioner inside is easy, but your outdoor rabbits would also love some cool AC! I made a cooling pad with cinder blocks & ceramic tiles and then built a cute little cabana to keep my buns cool in the shade.

  • How hot is too hot for cats? The Cat Site

    A subject near and unfortunately dear to my heart: the air conditioning system in my top-floor condo does not work . I keep ceiling fans running all the time and we have a lot of stone/porcelain tile that stays cool for them. Right now it's 90 here (outside and inside) and some of the cats are laying in the sun.

  • Natural Stone or Tiles That is the Question > Beaumont Tiles

    28 Feb 2014 Stone can trap heat, meaning an outdoor walkway or pool deck that's exposed to the sun can quickly become hard to Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, usually don't need sealing to keep out moisture, they stay cool in all but 

  • 8 Outdoor Flooring Options for Style & Comfort - FlooringInc Blog

    27 Feb 2017 The 8 best outdoor flooring options to keep your home looking stylish from the outside in. Pros and cons of following links: Composite & Wood Decking Artificial Grass Tile Brick Concrete Rubber Foam Carpet They will still remain cooler than concrete, and you can combat the heat by choosing a lighter color. Bragging rights. and the deck will be getting a lot of direct sunlight, this is definitely a factor. It's real wood. You can keep it cool. One of the cons of 

  • 12 Outdoor Flooring Ideas HGTV

    The design experts at HGTV.com share several outdoor flooring options that are sure to work for a variety of outdoor spaces. With stone, wood, concrete and more, your outdoor space can be just as fashionable as the inside of your house. makes for a low-maintenance outdoor getaway, whether you're basking in the afternoon sun or keeping cool beneath the canvas roof. The owners of this balcony make full use of its small space by adding texture and interest with wooden tiles.

  • Cool Flooring In The Summertime - BuildDirect

    24 Aug 2012 Interlocked glass tile backsplash; a visual partner to your choice of flooring to cool things down. This way, the cool surfaces that come natural to these kinds of floors are available in the summer, but work with heating systems when the weather outside is frightful, a time that seems Otherwise, stay cool!

  • Sundeck - Sundeck, Outdoor Ceramic Tiles by Mirage Mirage

    Introducing the simplicity of three colours with these wood effect outdoor ceramic tiles, designed for outdoor environments. Shop now!

  • Picking the Best Sunroom Flooring for Your Home - Modernize

    7 Dec 2015 If you plan on going this route, make sure to purchase an indoor/outdoor type that will be able to stand strong against the weather. Additionally, you should be aware that while wood floors stay nice and cool in the summer, they don't retain much heat in colder weather, so they Just be careful when you pick them out because very dark tiles can get pretty hot after a day in the sun.

  • 12 Ways To Keep Your Bunnies Cool In The Summer !! - Bunny Stories

    Here are 12 bunny care tips to keep your bunnies stay cool during hot summers. During summer the temperatures may go much higher and this can be a death sentence for rabbits specially the ones outside in a hutch (even in a shady area), Ceramic tiles or small slabs of marble are one of the best ways to cool your bunnies. #NEVER leave your rabbits under direct sunlight for long periods.

  • Landscape Paving 101: How to Use Limestone for Your Patio - Houzz

    21 Jul 2015 Some homeowners like the look of unsealed stone, which works fine outside and will have a patina over time. A high SRI means that the stones stay cool by reflecting sun and releasing thermal radiation, rather than absorbing it and heating up, reducing the heat-island effect around Kitchen Sinks Kitchen Countertops Tile Vanity Tops & Side Splashes Wall & floor Tile outdoor Grills.

  • Choosing Outdoor Tile: 4 Things to Consider Daltile

    Photo features Golden sun Quartzite Flagstone pattern on the patio floor. 2. Lighten Up (Or Tone Down) the Area Take a close look at where you want to lay your new outdoor tile. Is it sunny during the day and well-lit at night? Or is it in a shady 

  • Cooling Your Home Naturally - NREL

    retrofit options to help you ※keep your cool§〞and save electricity. Staying cool. An alternative way to maintain a cool house or Solar gains. Temperature difference. 95?F. 80?F. Four factors affect heat accumulation in a home: solar heat gain, White exterior walls absorb less heat than Also, floor insulation has little.

  • Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer Heat - The Spruce

    20 Apr 2017 Summer safety is no joke, and it's up to you to make sure your dog stays cool and comfortable. Remember Shop outdoor Watering Systems: Prolonged sun exposure not only leads to heat exhaustion, it can also cause sunburn. While a dog bed is nice and soft, it might also be too warm. this is why many people notice their dogs prefer to lie on tile or concrete floors when it's hot out.

  • Tricks to Keep Your House Cool this Summer - Freshome.com

    25 Jun 2007 Close blinds, shades and draperies facing the sun (east-facing wi

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