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  • Tougue and Groove Roof Decking - American Wood Council

    poses, timber tongue and groove decking must be well one spike at a distance not exceeding 10 inches from the Heavy timber decking may be installed in any of the following arrangements: Simple span. All pieces supported on two 

  • WCD 2 - Tongue and Groove Roof Decking - American Wood Council

    Timber tongue and groove decking is a specialty lumber product, constituting an important part of modern timber construction, all that's needed to design and construct tongue and groove wood roof decking, including span and load tables.

  • Standard for Tongue-and-Groove Roof Decking - American Institute

    Three and Four Inch decking. There shall be a minimum distance of 4 ft between end joints in adjacent courses. 4 ft rhinirrhum end joint spacing. Figure 8, Controlled Random Layup. (Three & Four inch decking). Cantilever spans With 

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    In my case I am considering tongue and groove teak decking on 5' rafter spans, 9 in 12 roof pitch, 10lb/sqf roofing tiles. After entering the values stated above I clicked on "show results" and a 1x8 teak board passed, in all three tests. 3/4 inches for nails or screws isn't much for them to hang on to.

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    30 Sep 2014 tongue and groove Roof decking spans depend on Loads, Species and Grade of Lumber, Deck Layup. Pattern Photo of Hoffstadt Bluff Visitor's Center. Roof decking. > 2x T&G Deck. ? 1-1/8§ WSP. ? 3x on edge-planks.

  • Tongue and Groove Roof Decking - WCD2 - Tiny TIMBERS

    poses, timber tongue and groove decking must be well one spike at a distance not exceeding 10 inches from the Heavy timber decking may be installed in any of the following arrangements: Simple span. All pieces supported on two 

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    Random-length double tongue-and-groove decking is used when there are three or more spans. It is not intended for use over single . Plank decking Estimating Factor traditional designs have considerable y more. Much of the boards are to be used, multiply the total roof area by rate of 1/8 inch per foot) to the eave (fig.

  • APA Builder Tips: Prevent Buckling With Proper Spacing, Form M300

    Includes spacing recommendations for APA Rated Sheathing, APA Rated Sturd-I-Floor, and APA 303 Siding. Example of Edge and End Joints Examples of tongue-and-groove (T&G) Joints. APA recommends a 1/8-inch space between panel edge and end joints. Plywood and oriented strand board (OSB), like all wood 

  • OSB Design and Application Guide - PFS﹞TECO

    Bond Classification. span Rating. Sizes and Availability. Basic Specifications. General Provisions. Roof Sheathing. Flooring . Unlike plywood, most OSB T&G panels are manufactured to give a full 48-inch Spacing of 1/8 inch is recommended at panel ends and edges Maintain at least 3/8-inch edge distance in riser.

  • Plywood Design and Application Guide - PFS﹞TECO

    FLOOR span, SHEATHING span and Non-span-Rated Plywood. Underlayment manufactured with a square edge or tongue-and-groove (T&G) edge. manufacturer or TECO through use of panel clips, T&G edges, or lumber blocking between joists. Spacing of 1/8 Maintain at least 3/8-inch edge distance in riser.

  • 2 x 6 TIMBER DECKING - Structural Wood Systems

    2 x 6 Solid Timber decking by Structural Wood Systems (SWS) provides the beauty of wood American Institute of Timber Construction standards for tongue-and-groove heavy timber decking. S.P.I.B. No. runs of decking must be continuous over at least three approximately equal spans. Use a minimum distance of 2 ft.

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    Typically, kiln schedules for drying Southern Pine exceed 12 hours at 200o Fahrenheit 每 often higher 每 thereby far The maximum recommended span for 5/4 Radius Edge decking (R.E.D.) or Patio decking manufactured from U.S. grown The maximum recommended joist spacing for installing Southern Pine tongue & groove porch flooring is 16 inches on center. . Lumber sizes were reduced by 1/8 inch in width and thickness during the 1970s, so the dimensions of pattern stock, 

  • Chapter 23 - International Code Council

    beveled, tongue-and-groove or U-shaped joints. 2303.1.5.2 Roof (51 mm), but shall not be less than the distance specified in Sections 2111 and 2113 . The decking shall cover a minimum of three spans. End joints within 6 inches (152 mm) of being in line in either direction shall . 7/8, 1 1/8. 60. 48. 45. 35. 32. SINGLE FLOOR GRADES. ROOFc. FLOORd. Panel span rating. Panel thickness. (inches).

  • 5 Steps to Proper Roof Sheathing Installation Pro Builder

    Outdoor Living · decking · Doors · Flooring · HVAC · Home Technology · Insulation · Kitchen & Bath · Lighting . For improved performance, consider thicker roof sheathing panels, panel edge clips, or panels with tongue-and-groove Edge clip requirements depend on the relationship of the panel span Rating to the actual distance between roof framing. Spacing hints: Use a 10d box (0.128-inch-by-3-inch) nail as a spacer to gauge 1/8-inch edge and end spacing between panels.

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    how much to space deck floor boards: this article explains proper gap size to leave between deck boards for drainage and We include a description of tightly-butted tongue-and-groove pressure treated deck boards as well as typical 5/4" thick pressure The goal is to have about an 1/8-inch gap (the diameter of an 8d nail) between boards after the decking has dried to its equilibrium moisture content.

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    spans. c. tongue-and-groove edges, panel edge clips (one midway* between each support, except two equally . to complete roof deck installation prior to applying roofing. APA RATED. SHEATHING. 1/8" spacing is recommended at all.

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    the sanded face. tongue-and-groove edges are recommended to be glued under thin floor coverings to assure snug joints. TABLE 14 . 2x rim joist or. APA Rim Board. 1/8" spacing is recommended at all edge and end joints unless otherwise indicated by . Finished deck can be walked on and will carry construction loads without damage to glue bond. Maintain at least 3/8" edge distance in riser. b.


    CBC Table 2304.7(3). Panel edges with tongue and groove joints or with blocking. FOR 1/2", MAX. span +24". (2X BLOCKING). CBC TABLE . 4x6 joists and 2§ T&G planks or 1 1/8§ T&G plywood roof and floor decking. EXTERIOR. WALLS.

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    When it comes to tongue and groove decking, a significantly more aggressive pitch is encouraged. We highly suggest using a 1/4" per 1 ft. slope. Framing material should be installed with the crown up (humps up) to assist in water draining off 

  • How to Install a Tongue and Groove Ceiling Family Handyman

    Most of the T&G you'll find at home centers and lumberyards is 1x6 or 1x8 spruce. But other wood options If you try to nail through the T&G and the drywall, you can't be sure the nail will penetrate far enough to securely hold. Also, the battens 

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