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  • Teak and Holly Plywood

    20 Nov 2014 Properly protecting teak and holly plywood from the elements will help prevent rot while preserving the material's appearance. Four coats of clear, penetrating epoxy such as Smith's must be applied to all edges, and two coats 

  • How to Finish Plywood

    23 Jan 2016 When plywood is used for visible pieces in furniture and cabinets, it needs to be finished. The finish improves the look of the piece, as well as providing the wood with needed protection from dirt and spills. Proper finish 

  • Protect Plywood Corners

    14 Mar 2017 Forming corners in plywood when building cabinets or casework is not always as easy as it might seem. plywood has many advantages and strengths but also some important weaknesses and forming corners and edges in 

  • Teak & Holly Cabin Soles - Dakota Marine Yacht Services

    We'll advise you on that issue (how to protect your newly installed or restored sole) further, when the new floor is complete. Most production boat manufacturers install cabin soles made of 1/2 to 3/4 inch plywood with a thin ※teak & holly§ 

  • Lonseal IMO Lonmarine Wood Marine Flooring - Teak & Holly

    Lonseal IMO Lonmarine Wood Marine Flooring - teak & holly. Applications: Interior and Protected Exterior, Color: teak & holly. Width: 72", Sold by the Linear Foot, Finish: Matte,. High-Performance, Slip-Resistant, Semi Exterior Marine Safety 

  • Teak and Holly Plywood - Jamestown Distributors

    teak and holly plywood features a traditional cabin sole pattern with alternating strips of teak and contrasting light wood. Sold in 4 x 8 ft sheets in 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 inch thickness.

  • Interior Teak Maintenance - Cruising Anarchy - Sailing Anarchy Forums

    I did not want the plywood teak and holly piece in my boat to deteriorate when it gets wet, and it will get wet in a Does anyone have an opinion about Epifanes teak wood treatment (Not the varnish) I used it on the teak sole 

  • How to Restore Teak Wood on Boats - Practical Sailor

    Contrary to popular belief, teak is not a maintenance-free wood that can be safely ignored and neglected for years at a time. Though teak It is advisable to wear rubber gloves and eye protection using any cleaner containing even a mild acid.

  • Finishes to Coat the Sole - Practical Sailor Print Edition Article

    If it's a thin veneer on plywood, a hard, protective, urethane varnish is the best alternative. PS editors have had good One tried-and-true technique for this on teak-and-holly soles is to use ground walnut shell powder. (You can find it at larger 

  • Marine Plywood Anderson Lumber Company St Petersburg Florida

    to withstand water conditions. Typically, a water-resistant glue is used with this type of lumber for further protection. Products Carried (can be fit to size). A.B. Fir Marine plywood; Marinetech plywood; teak plywood; teak/holly plywood 

  • Lonseal IMO Lonmarine Wood Marine Flooring - Mahogany & Holly

    Available Colors: MW370 - teak & holly MW371 - Maple & teak MW373 - Mahogany & holly MW375 - teak & Ebony MW377 - Applications: Interior and Protected Exterior, Color: Mahogany & holly IMO Lonmarine Wood is Lonseal's high-performance, slip-resistant marine safety flooring that has been specifically 

  • Marine Lonseal

    Lonseal IMO Lonmarine Wood Marine Flooring - Walnut & holly Applications: Interior and Protected Exterior, Color: teak & holly; Width: 72", Sold by the Linear Foot, Finish: Matte,; High-Performance, Slip-Resistant, Semi Exterior Marine 

  • Cabin Sole Flooring - Toomer & Hayter, Quality Marine Upholstery

    It is made from the highest quality laminates and top grade plywood. It is hard wearing with a slip-resistant face. It is sold in two mediums. Laminate only and laminate which has been pressed onto? plywood of varying thickness. Laminate sheet size: 2400mm x 1290mm comes in a chargeable cylinder for protection during transit, cylinder will Finishes available: teak and holly or ? teak and Black?.

  • Durable, Beautiful Teak - Epoxyworks

    5 Jun 2014 teak is well suited for a variety of interior and exterior applications〞from elegant teak and holly cabin soles to rugged Clear varnish will showcase the beauty and warmth of the wood grain while protecting the surface.

  • Cleaning Interior Teak Cruising World

    5 Nov 2015 Does your boat have a teak interior? Follow these reader-suggested steps to keep it gleaming.

  • Virola Plywood

    22 Jan 2016 Pre-cutting the outer veneer with a utility knife solves this problem, giving you pieces that are chip and splinter free. Virola is susceptible to fungi and dry wood borers. So it needs to be protected from being destroyed.

  • World Panel Products: Marine Plywood & Teak NautikFlor

    High UV protection with anti-skid surface. Can be teak and holly teak and Black Cherry and holly Cherry and Black. If you are The adhesive that is recommended, on a wood surface, is a Loctite PL Premium Construction adhesive.

  • Wood Finishes: What Works When The Wood Database

    However, because it's in the wood rather than on it, these oils don't offer the best protection and wear/moisture Many times, a host of products are cleverly named as a marketing ploy to increase sales (e.g., ※teak oil§ for teak furniture, ※antique oil§ for antique furniture, etc.) . Some woods have small enough pores that it doesn't matter (Maple, Cherry, Beech, Boxwood, holly, and Poplar), which are 

  • Interior floor panel - All boating and marine industry manufacturers

    Sheet Size: 4' wide x 8' long **New items** ^Wenge & GoldAA ^teak-holly only available in 4x8AA Plain teak and plain mahogany that match the interior floor panel / boat decking / wooden / plywood LS / DS / RS Van Stijn Rijnwoude B.V

  • Holly and Teak for Boat Decking - Woodweb

    19 Oct 2013 Why do they use holly for the exposed wood decking on boats? When you see nice boat decks, it is a teak/holly strip deck. Forum Responses (WOODnetWORK Forum) From contributor G: The teak and holly combo is only 

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