growing demand for green decking solutions

  • DECK Monitoring: AlsoEnergy

    The acquisition of DECK Monitoring by AlsoEnergy in October 2013 has created benefits for our customers, and has produced a access their portfolio data on the latest version of DECK Monitoring, which shares a database solution with PowerTrack. We are growing our company to match growing demand in the market.

  • Urban underground space: Solving the problems of today's cities

    Common infrastructure and environmental problems are paired with urban underground solutions. The world-wide trend of increased urbanisation creates problems for expanding and newly-developing cities alike. Population increase leads to an increased demand for reliable infrastructure, nowadays combined with a need for increased energy sustainability of the environment and limited urban sprawl; green spaces and recreational areas; reduced energy use and reduced 

  • Columbia Green

    We offer comprehensive green roof and amenity deck solutions for extensive, semi-intensive and intensive roof gardens. Designers appreciate the flexibility of using tray or layered assemblies. Building owners love the warranty options- either 

  • Guide to Sustainable Decking Materials - Green Living Ideas

    11 Aug 2015 for many, the challenge is finding a decking solution that balances sustainability with longevity, aesthetics and noting that the famed rot-resistance of redwood is measurably greater in lumber made from old-growth trees.

  • From COP 22 in Marrakech: 20 countries form BioFutures Platform

    17 Nov 2016 climate agreement, there is growing demand for sustainable, immediately scalable solutions to reduce carbon emissions in the transport sector. diverse, sustainable pathways for both low carbon transport fuels and advanced bioproducts and green chemistry. We need all hands on deck, to explore all avenues towards near and medium term solutions for the transport sector if we 

  • How to Remove Algae From Wrought-Iron Furniture Home Guides

    a lot of moisture, the wrought-iron furniture in your backyard, on your deck, porch or patio may begin to grow algae in its You can create a homemade disinfectant that is safe for outdoor use and plants by mixing a solution of oxygen bleach 

  • Cleaning algae on composite deck - Green Plank

    Cleaning algae on composite deck: Even composite decking requires regular care. Compared All exterior building materials gets dirty and can develop biological growth stains, green Plank deck is no different, it's important to clean it properly.

  • Four ways to clean your deck - Green Ideas At home

    6 Jan 2015 However, some deck aficionados dislike water blasting because they claim it damages the wood fibres, leaving you with a rough surface A litre of diluted solution should cover 5m<sup>2</sup> of wooden deck, and 10m<sup>2</sup> of concrete.

  • The World's Most Improbable Green City - National Geographic

    4 Apr 2017 Visitors peer over Dubai from an observation deck at the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest skyscraper at 2,717 feet (828 meters). . ※The leadership has recognized that the growth of the economy is not sustainable without taking action on emissions,§ DEWA, however, is afraid to count on any one solution, however limitless. Since the economic crisis, Dubai has tightened its green building regulations, as part of a strategy to reduce energy demand by 30 percent.

  • Polyurethane insulation for energy efficient, green buildings

    The choice of rigid polyurethane foam as a building solution supports important economic and environmental considerations. Economy mold growth. Lightweight. At low densities of about 2 lb/ft3, rigid polyurethane foam is made up of about 97% gas trapped in An industry standard for use on metal or concrete roof decks. demand for the fossil fuel based energy used to heat and cool buildings,.

  • Learn How to Grow and Care for Your Gardenia -

    Gardenias are not the easiest shrubs to grow, but their exquisite fragrant flowers make up for the extra attention they waxy, creamy-white flowers contrasting beautifully with their shiny, leathery, dark green leaves, Gardenias are irresistible Gardenias demand high humidity to thrive. Plant them where you will be able to enjoy their perfume daily: near a doorway, along a path, near your patio or deck.

  • LEED or Not, Parking Garages Are Not Green : TreeHugger

    1 Jun 2010 But De Ruiter is not alone, people are peddling green parking garages all over, and even going for LEED certification. an above grade parking garage, even if it was made from site-grown bamboo and ventilated by flapping butterfly wings. direct access not only to the parking structure, but to the fitness center, activity deck and basketball court atop it. "The new garage shows how we can find more environmentally sustainable solutions for everything we do here.

  • ICB - Alwitra Evalon|single ply waterproof roofing membranes

    We are one of the UK's leading providers of waterproofing solutions, specialising flat roofing, but offering systems to meet most building applications including; car park decks, basements and foundations. Through our sister company, ICB&nbsp;

  • Climate Bonds Webinar Series Climate Bonds Initiative

    green Bonds Update from China & India: The very latest reports from Climate Bonds in these growing markets; Previous Webinar series Slide Deck. Webinar: Introduction to Climate Bonds Standard's Solar Criteria: Who Can Use It? What's Included? The potential for mobilising climate change solutions and green infrastructure investment through green bonds is huge, given the international demand 每 Why do banks, insurance companies and pension funds invest in bonds?

  • Urban Green - Island Press

    Urban green. Innovative Parks for Resurgent Cities. 208 pages 6 x 9. One 8-page color insert. Peter Harnik; foreword The U.S. Conference of Mayors recently cited meeting the growing demand for parks and open space as one of the The book offers many practical solutions, from reusing the land under defunct factories to sharing schoolyards, from building trails on abandoned tracks to planting community gardens, from decking parks over highways to allowing more activities in&nbsp;

  • Pitch Deck The Startup Guide - Creating a Better World Through

    A startup has to act quickly, yet not to run out of money as it grows. That said, when you're ready to scale your idea or raise funding, you'll need at least a basic pitch deck and financial Describe the problem you're trying to solve and show evidence of the demand for this solution. . Eventually, the green line begins to go above the red line, your revenue becomes more than your expenses, and your&nbsp;

  • Cleaning & Prevention Guide for Algae, Fungus, Lichens, Moss on

    green links show where you are. Methods for Cleaning Organic Growth (Algae, Fungus, Lichens, Moss) from Stone, Brick, or Concrete Surfaces Some deck cleaning sprays such as Stainhandle? roof and deck cleaner are also sold for use as cleaning solutions for stained roofs and might Viscous concretes containing antiwashout admixtures show a greater demand for air-entraining admixture.

  • Cross Laminated Timber - reThink Wood

    for the long-span deck needed to cover the curved roof. CLT provided the solution. The Earth Sciences . other green building rating systems, for example when the Increasing interest in EPDs reflects a growing demand for sustainability in&nbsp;

  • Human computer interaction issues with touch screen applications

    Human computer interaction issues with touch screen applications in the flight deck. Abstract: Presents a collection of slides covering the Print on demand(PoD) ISBN: 978-1-61284-797-9. ISSN Information: Electronic ISSN: 2155-7209.

  • Kenaf, a fibre for the future: the Harusmas experience JEC Group

    22 Feb 2011 Kenaf grows u

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