how much for casting of decking in nigeria

  • Cost Of Decking A Storey Building 2 Flats 3 Bedroom - Properties

    I really need help from the forum, I'm about to deck a house in Ikorodu area but i'm not sure how much it's going to cost . casting:80k sorry for the initial estimate. i am in ikorodu. Cheers Samuel. Re: Cost of decking A Storey 

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    My builder gave me this estimate just for decking of a four (4) flat/three bedroom(3bdroom). Two (2up)/two (2down) and I believe it is too much for just the decking. I have done the 16 casting of slabs & beams - - 250, 000

  • Cost Of Decking - Properties - Nigeria - Nairaland Forum

    I will be glad if anyone out there can please give me rough idea of how much will it cost to DECK a 3 bed rooms flat of 2 in Ikorodu and Ajah. Please let me know if you have done yours recently or have quotation given already 

  • What Is The Estimated Cost For Decking Of L58ft - Nairaland Forum

    casting thinkness 150mm on ratio 1.2.3.then you have less granite and sand. Caster, decking and Staircase is outrageous 95k will get it done, the Electrician is it piping alone? all price need to be question, are the rooms 

  • Cost Of Decking A Storey Building - Properties - Nigeria

    Hi guys, I want to find out the cost of decking a storey building. the ground and top floor are 3 bedroom. Iv got a Are u also asking of cost of rods, Qty of cement, Chips and sand, Labour for casting of the slab. Make ur request 

  • What Is The Estimated Cost for DECKING 2 Bedroom Duplex

    Guys borther too much about details when op just needed a simple idea on likely cost. 1 Like The initial amount of 1.9m was with error, the total amount is 1.5m though wood for frame was not new, but from another decking, that help to drop the cost of wood used in the casting . Because of the economic challenge in nigeria, I just want to focus on doing the decking for the 2 bedroom 

  • What Is The Estimated Cost For Decking Of L58ft - Nairaland Forum

    Woods, Bamboo tree, people and casting and Bricklayer Labour. etc. Bearing this in mind, the following is the actual cost of the decking 1) PLANKS( . Get me involved in any location in nigeria as construction is concern.

  • Building 4 Flats In Nigeria - Planning, Cost & Execution - Properties

    And to use only 25 bags of cement to cast the blinding of a double flat foundation is laughable. Ask this guy to clarify . Bros that amount (N5m) won't get you even to the decking not to talk of finishing the project. Am building 

  • Experts In Raft Foundation, Decking, Concrete Casting, Column

    13 Apr 2016 Experts in Raft Foundation, decking, Concrete casting, Column formwork With Steel Panels And Overall Construction in Lekki Lagos nigeria. Published on April 13, The average cost of formwork using wood for a raft foundation is about five hundred thousand naira (500,000.00) while with steel shutters it's a about half the cost of wood for an average building. 2) BETTER QUALITY 

  • Concrete Casting, Raft, Decking and Column (Pillars) Formwork

    26 Apr 2016 Concrete casting, Raft, decking and Column (Pillars) formwork Masters in Lekki Lagos nigeria The average cost of formwork using wood for a raft foundation for example is about four hundred thousand naira (400,000.00) 

  • Concrete Casting, Raft, Column And Decking Other services

    26 Sep 2016 Concrete casting, Raft, Column And decking With Steel Shutters, 150000 NGN - Steel formwork (Steel Providing services: other services, services in Lekki, Lagos, nigeria Our prices is very affordable and you will n.

  • Decking A Block Of Flats In Port Harcourt. - Properties (1) - Nigeria

    I pray for you to get too much money soon, because I will love to work for you. We have got supply of 2 truck loads of granite for this decking work. The concrete poker in action while we were casting the decking today.

  • Procedure For Building A Storey Building - Properties - Nigeria

    Cast the pillars with pre fabricated 16mm rods,3/4in granite cement and sand. Fill foundation with I wanted someone in the house to give me the estimate for a 4 flat storey building to decking level, nobody has responded

  • Cost Of Building A 4/5 Bedroom Duplex From Fuondation Level

    Hello naira landers please i will like to know d cost of building a 4/5 bedroom duplex from fuondation level any means of . provision for 1500 blocks, 25 tonnes granite, 25 tonnes sand dust, 50 lengths of 12mm iron (nigeria) and 100 bags of cement. Deck casting. 3.Concrete Foundation. 4.Drainage Construction. 5.Full/Part Building Constructions. 6.Roofing and General Wood Works.

  • I Need A Rough Estimate For Building A 4 Flat Of 3 Bedroom

    Email me for a full plan and estimate with materials listed in reference to the quoted amount and Floor Plan+ 3D From foundation to decking level=1.6 including blockwork,casting of lintels,carpenter,and welder,and all the 

  • How Much Will A 5 Bedroom Duplex Cost? - Properties (3) - Nigeria

    2) Did you cast all the walls in concrete? oga you liehow how much will it cost to purchase the following aloneblocks,chipping stones, cement for the decking and foundation, a duplex is just a normal structure. the extra cost of decking and foundation wont be more than 3-4m. dont be deceived.

  • Cost Of Building Twins Flat Of 3 Bedrooms In Ibadan - Properties

    for casting of foundation, if 20 bagshow many trips of sand and granite is needed? . 'ground floor plan' my question now is, OP are you building a suspended floor designed (duplex/decking) or you're doing a bungalow?

  • Current Prices Of Building Materials In Nigeria - Properties (5

    euromilion: I got this quotations for decking,I think it's a bit too much any advice pls. 6 tons of 12mm rod. . Brabus Pls am responsible for paying for the mixer machine or it is included in the 120k for labour/casting. Cheers.

  • What Is The Estimated Cost for DECKING 2 Bedroom Duplex

    Unless any person who had done a decking for a standard two bedrooms before, the estimates is not easy to give I know yours will not be that much of a cost o. The materials has gone up too so factor that into your costs.

  • Cost Of Building A Duplex In Lagos(urgent) - Properties (1) - Nigeria

    FEMACK NIG: Please can any professional in the house give me an idea of how much it will cost to build an 1.5M for decking is nt achievable. i just concluded casting of a floor slab(decking) of a 4-bedroom dulex for a 

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